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Si, actually one of the peculiarities of our restaurant is to take care of the sets in the receptions in general, and in particular, in wedding receptions. Our idea is to give our customers not only of eating, a service, an organization, but also an emotion.

We pay maximum attention to what we propose, trying in particular to do polite things, accompanied by musical backgrounds appropriate to the scenography that we are proposing, at the right volume.

Obviously during the quote we make it a topic of conversation, and it is the customer who decides.

No, absolutely not, as mentioned above our customers decide.



We also have beautiful non-monumental, simpler ones. You will choose it in our album or we create new ones to your taste.


As far as our sets are concerned, we are the ones who take care of everything, even the music, which is studied on the sets themselves.

To return to the question, in some cases we recommend the presence of the musician, while, in other circumstances, we do not recommend it. There are many factors that can make you opt for a solution or the other and in any case it is the customer who decides after listening to the various reasons for and against that are many and of which we would prefer to talk to you in person.