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No, normally no, only in some cases you pay, the amount may change and must be evaluated from time to time, case by case.

If yours is a wedding reception. In other circumstances, based on the number of participants and the type of event, we reserve the right to evaluate a possible request for exclusivity.

No if you do not have exclusivity, in this case you pay the confirmed people some day before the reception.

You have the reserved room, in this case we could ask for a minimum that oscillates between 20 and 100 people and, as mentioned above, the customer communicates a few days before the final number of participants.

We normally organize receptions in the four ways described below, although, as we often repeat, every reception, every party, must reflect the personality of the celebrated who organize at our facility their reception, and then we can also provide for other formulas.

Before describing these modalities it is good to remember that feasts for Communions, Confirmations, Baptisms, silver wedding, golden wedding, birthdays, graduation parties, have needs and schedules other than weddings.

We enhance a structured wedding reception with a buffet of appetizers around the fountains, a lunch / dinner served at the table, and then to close in the garden and in the large gazebo of the rich and varied buffet of fruit, sweets, and delicacies.

Reception throughout the day

Often we have receptions that span the whole day, in some cases up to 02.00 at night. This happens when, after lunch, the newlyweds want to continue to celebrate their wedding with relatives and friends. In this case there could be the rental of the villa, while an evening buffet for guests should be evaluated that remain and any others that could arrive in the second half of the day.

Reception only for lunch

Who chooses this formula does not intend to excessively prolong the reception that you ends in the garden around 19.30. Then there are the spouses who do not want to do an evening continuation, but, at the same time, they would like to stay after 19.30. In principle we can satisfy them, it is important to make them a topic of conversation during the quote.

Reception only for dinner

Who chooses this solution uses the restaurant from late afternoon until 02.00 at night. The arrival time of the guests is obviously conditioned by the start time of the celebration, and, in any case, we agree it together without creating inconvenience to the guests.

Reception for lunch and then another reception in the evening

This solution can only be practiced when there are certain conditions, namely that the needs and times of the two receptions do not conflict with each other. The rule is that it "commands" the first reception you book, after which, if we have another request this will have to be seen depending on the agreements already made with the reception already booked.