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Si, from 65 to 115 euros per person including VAT by adding the necessary clarifications:

- For some receptions (some have simple organizational needs, others more challenging)

- With a certain number of guests (an important number allows us economies)

- At certain times of the year (low or high season, Saturday or Sunday, weekday)

- Choosing special menus (buffet, menu with meat, fish, fish and meat)

you could spend less than 65 euros or more than 115 euros per person.

We could continue to list many other factors that can drive the price up or down, but we stop here. What is important to understand is above all what the price includes ... but this come to discover directly here in person.

Yes, when there are conditions that allow us to do so. These are also topics that need to be discussed in person.

Si, as usual at the time of booking must be left a deposit whose amount it can range between 100.00 (one hundred) and 1300.00 (one thousand three hundred) euros depending on the type of reception.

The balance is paid at the end of receipt by non-transferable cashier's checks. The deposit can be paid by bank check or cash at your discretion. Other modes and payment times must be agreed with us in advance.